Multimedia Piano Studio

About the Teacher

In November 2007 Gracie was recognized as a Nationally Certified Teacher of Music by the Music Teachers National Association (MTNA) and a State Certified Teacher of Music by the State Music Teachers Association (WSMTA)


Certification from MTNA and WSMTA took about two years to accomplish and covered five standards:

- professional preparation,

- professional teaching practices,

- business management,

- professionalism and partnership, and

- professional/personal renewal.


One of the highlights of her studio is the “End of school Concert”. Every year the students perform a concert at the High School Theater where they play solos and ensemble music using 5 digital pianos. Younger students also play recorders and rhythm band instruments. School band students have the opportunity to incorporate their instruments into ensemble pieces whenever it is appropriate. 

Gracie explained: “I can’t think of any better job for me. I love music and I love teaching and sharing this passion with others. My students are part of my life. Each one of them is a challenge for me. It is so rewarding to see them playing and making beautiful music where ever they go.”



School of Music Jose Angel Lamas Caracas, Venezuela. Eleven years of studies to obtain the degree of Piano Performance Professor (1975)


Brigham Young University, Provo, Utah. Private piano student of Professor Paul Pollei (1976)


Yamaha Music Foundation (Fundacion Musical Musiyama) Two semesters course of Harmony and Arrangement. Caracas, Venezuela. (1985)


Two years of private lessons of Contemporary Harmony with pianist and composer Gerry Weil. Caracas. (1986 - 1987)


Two years of organ lessons from Yamaha Music School (Fundacion Musical Musiyama) Caracas. (1985 - 1986)


Professional Experience:

Elementary music teacher for 1st , 2nd and 3rd grade. Caracas (1985)


Teacher assistant to musician and composer Rene Rojas, teaching music readiness to pre-school level students. Caracas. (1975 - 1976)


Piano teacher at Yamaha Music School (1984-1985)


Private Piano Studio. Caracas. (1983-1991)


Private Piano Studio. Moses Lake, WA. (1993-present)


Other Experience:

Pianist/Organist for a faith based organization in Venezuela and in USA. (1976 - present)


Choir pianist for Frontier Junior High, Moses Lake. (1993-1996)


WSMTA Moses Lake Chapter Treasurer since 1998

WSMTA Moses Lake Chapter Musicianship Exam chair 2010- 2013


Workshops and conferences:

Jaques Dalcroze Seminar. Ateneo de Caracas. (1974)


WSMTA State Convention 2004

MTNA National Convention 2005

WSMTA State Convention 2011

WSMTA State Convention 2014

WSMTA State Convention 2015

Music City Workshops in Spokane Washington


Several other workshops and Master classes provided by WSMTA